Payroll Outsourcing Services


Reduced Risk, Increase Efficiency with Integrated Payroll Service Provider

Our payroll outsourcing services help your entire payroll process run smoothly for your business so that you can concentrate on your bigger objectives than just providing payslips. We make this entire complicated process 100% hassle free and overcome your challenges in terms of being paid on time, saving money ensuring tax and regulatory compliance.

To manage payroll and related compliances in- house lessens your productivity, ultimately reducing focus on core activities. Our Payroll Outsourcing solutions are designed to bring precision and efficiency in your payroll. We are an end-to-end Payroll Outsourcing Service Provider in India that automates your process and offers error free reports which helps you in saving time and money.

Securing Payroll Data

At OATS, we ensure our payroll management services deliver accurate, on-time payroll every time. As an experienced payroll service provider, we give attention to the security of our clients' information by using best in class cloud based payroll software and ensuring data access controls.

Our teams of professionals stay on top of changing labor and income tax legislation, so that you can carry your business without worrying about payroll.

To streamline and outsource your organizations payroll process

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What We Offer

Offshore Accounting and Taxation Services (OATS) has ensured the seamless and effective handling of the following through our payroll outsourcing services.

Define tax efficient salary structure

On time processing of payroll

Employee Self Service portal for pay slips & tax declarations

Payroll related tax and labour law compliance

Leave and Attendance Management

Through online workflows, our leave and attendance management portal ensure that you and your team always have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information. You may generate one-click attendance reports for payroll processing with fully connected systems.

End-to-End Payroll Outsourcing

Offshore Accounting & Taxation Services (OATS) has been able to handle end-to-end payroll processes with exceptional efficiency and effectiveness because of our innovative and scalable technology. On-time payroll processing, investment proofs checking, tax filings, reporting and analytics, and other payroll outsourcing services are available.

Labour Law Compliance

Our Payroll related compliance and statutory filing services cover income tax, provident fund, ESIC, labor welfare fund, and professional tax.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Employees can view their payslips, make tax declarations, see “what-if” scenarios at different levels of tax investments, evaluate whether old or new tax regime is beneficial for them and opt for it, view tax calculations and raise any issue related to their salary. Our payroll helpdesk responds to the issues raised quickly and resolves them within pre-agreed timelines.
Please click here to view a few training videos related to the Employee Self Service portal.


We provide detailed variance report and salary register to your HR manager for review and approval of the payroll. Several other reports are available such as salary statements, flexi benefits reports, salary breakup by cost centre or profit centre, salary journal entry for upload into the accounting system, salary bank file for upload into bank’s portal.

Improved Income Tax Planning

The built-in tax planner lists all available deductions in neatly grouped lists, allowing employees to be aware of all tax saving avenues and make their declarations. A report on how the tax is calculated with various deductions taken into account allows employees to have complete control over their taxes. Employees can simulate tax calculation under old or new tax regime and decide whether to opt for the old or new tax regime.

Key Differentiators

Dependably Accurate Payroll

You can totally rely and trust on our payroll experts for calculating the accurate payroll. You can count on accurate payroll processing that is completed on schedule every time.

Dedicated Manager

You will have a single point of contact for all payroll-related inquiries, and you will receive all information

Strict confidentiality

We recognize that payroll is a delicate subject and needs strict confidentiality. We have put in place processes to address this requirement.

Reports tailored to your needs

Get customized reports to help your team make better decisions faster.

Investment in modern and robust technology

We invest in the latest technologies to provide payroll services. You need not invest in technology because we take care of it for you.

Implementation of best practices

With our years of experience providing payroll outsourcing services to several businesses, we will assist you in adhering to the best practices in compensation and compliance management.

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing Services

Our payroll professionals are available to advise and assist you with your payroll needs. Our professionals are familiar with the requirements and know how to implement payroll in the face of continuously changing rules.

Payroll Outsourcing FAQs

Certainly, just provide us with a copy of your Leave policy and we’ll take care of the calculations and tracking for you.

By using modern software, role based access control and continuous training.

In order to guarantee that each payroll is done accurately as well as maximise tax efficiency, we conduct a thorough examination of each payroll.

Before the finalisation of your payroll, you have the ability to examine and correct any errors. In addition, our payroll staff is accessible to address any questions you might have.

Some of the factors to look for when you are thinking outsource your payroll in India are as follows:

  • Payroll outsourcing solutions vs. engaging a payroll management staff in-house.
  • The level of accuracy and consistency in your existing payroll administration process.
  • Access to payroll subject expertise so you can get the best guidance possible when it comes to understanding specific regulations.
  • The level of automation you can accomplish in the entire payroll processing process.