OATS Overall Capabilities

Offshore Accounting & Taxation Services (OATS) offers unique customer-centric Finance & Accounts outsourcing solutions for its clients. Combining years of experience,cross-domain expertise and leveraging technology, we deliver cutting edge solutions to make 'simplified accounting' a reality.

Accounts Payable Case Study

A mid-sized auto-components manufacturer company was processing over 2,000 invoices annually from over 100 different vendors. The entire process was being carried out manually by internal employees. It was getting too time-consuming besides being heavily error-prone. They were looking at a solution to simplify their accounts payable process.

Tax Compliance Case Study

A Scientific Research and Development company worth more than $4 billion wanted to provide services to their existing customers who had started setting up business in India due to its vast talent pool of scientists and engineers at relatively low costs They were looking at a solution to simplify their tax compliances and accounting process.

Financial Consolidation Case Study

A leading consumer durables company in Germany with more than $1 billion in revenues. The company was distributing their high end luxury products in India through a distributor. The demand for these products was growing enormously.

Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Case Study

A leading Indian software company had a subsidiary operating in USA. Being a listed company, quarterly reporting deadlines are very tight. Bulk of the process was being managed by internal employees. It was very time-consuming and was also highly error-prone.