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We have been delivering high-quality accounts payable outsourcing services (APO Services), also known as Procure to Pay (P2P) outsourcing services, to customers for over 15 years, assisting them in increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

For our customers we ensure an efficient accounts payable (AP) system that manages cash flow and working capital effectively. Our accounts payable (AP) management services include 2-way and 3-way matching, GST and TDS compliance, recording unpaid GRN liability, vendor payments, employee expense reimbursements and tracking purchase order revisions.

Our partnership assists in improving your company's agility and compliance with regulatory policies. We also use OCR and RPA (robotic process automation) solutions in case of high volume accounts.

We track the workflow using cloud based solutions for complete visibility into process performance. Our APO solutions enable working capital optimisation with invoice processing and disbursements, vendor management, and accounts payable aging reports.

To streamline and outsource your organizations accounts payable process

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What We Offer

OATS offers a vendor portal that ensures transparency to the vendors and saves time and efforts for the clients. Through our services in APO (Accounts payable outsourcing), we at Offshore Accounting and Taxation Services (OATS) ensure smooth and efficient management of the following.

Vendor contract management & archival

Vendor bill booking, based on approvals

Vendor payments adhering to company policies

Tax deductions and issue of certificates

Timely AP Ledger Processing and Reporting

Ensure that vendor ledgers are accurate and updated in real time. This helps in timely payments, MSMED compliance and avoid interest liabilities.

GST (Goods and Services Tax)/ Value Added Tax (VAT)/ Sales Tax Processing

Proper accounting of purchases to avail GST input credits, taking care of GST on reverse charge mechanism, matching the input credits with the information provided by GSTN

Matching Purchase Orders to Invoices

We can assist with tasks such as comparing and linking a supplier invoice to the underlying data used to calculate the overall cost, such as a goods received note (GRN)/ products delivery receipt and purchase order or contract. This is normally a difficult and time-consuming task, but our experts can complete it quickly and efficiently for you. We have also automated this task in case of high volume accounts.

Purchase Requisition/ Purchase Order Processing

We handle your purchase orders from start to finish, including aggregation of purchase requisitions, vendor follow up, creation of POs, getting the POs approved, tracking shipment & billing and closing.

Key Differentiators

Multi-level high quality inspections

Our high-quality services are ensured by our efficient and precise services. To ensure that all of our deliverables are of the greatest quality, we have implemented multi-level inspections.

Cost-effective pricing

Service effectiveness with cost effectiveness is the best combination. Our price structure is incredibly cost-effective and can accommodate any budget. At all times, you will obtain the finest quality services while staying within your budget.

Save time and effort

We handle all of your accounts payable services, resulting in fewer invoice discrepancies and disputes, as well as improved vendor relations


We follow all applicable rules for the company and geography to ensure compliance and adherence to the internal control framework.

Data protection

We are committed to safeguarding your information and will take all reasonable steps to do so.

Benefits of Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services

Accounts Payable Services FAQs

Accounts payable (AP) is a term used in accounting to refer to the money owed to vendors or suppliers for products or services purchased on credit. This is covered by the “Procure to Pay (P2P)” process. Accounts Payable is also sometimes called “Sundry Creditors” On a company’s balance sheet, the sum of any outstanding payments owed to its suppliers is reported as the balance of accounts payable, whereas the cash flow statement will show the growth or reduction in total AP from the previous period.

Accounts payable has four steps in its process from start to finish:

  • Purchase Order/ Service Orders/ Agreements with vendors which create the basis for subsequent process.
  • Receipt of Goods or Services and creating payables liability in the company’s books.
  • Invoice capture, 2-way or 3-way matching against purchase order and goods/ services received notes (GRN) for quality approvals, taking care of GST and tax withholding requirements.
  • Payment Authorization and execution

The accounts payable process can lead to inaccuracies in performance and financial reporting, as well as prevent team members from engaging in higher-value activities that can help your bottom line.

Managing accounts payable in-house is often a daunting task. Thus, outsourcing your account payable services is very helpful and saves a lot of time. For outsourcing your account payable services, you can hire an account payable management service provider who has expertise in providing all the APO services effectively.

Accounts payable oversees processing and handling outgoing payments, as well as interacting with suppliers. Onboarding new suppliers, receiving invoices, checking payment information, updating ledger accounts, compliance with GST and TDS requirements and paying suppliers by the agreed-upon due date, as well as reconciling payments, are all standard activities.