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Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Productivity with Virtual CFOs

Virtual CFO (also known as visiting CFO or temporary finance director) becomes part of your senior management team to solve the immediate “problems” and take your company to the next level.

The “problem” can be raising of funds, streamlining the financial reporting and MIS, getting ready for due-diligence in case of a pre-funding or early stage start-up or mergers and acquisitions.

It may not be necessary or affordable to have a full-time CFO at present. The solution is to have a “virtual” CFO whereby you get high quality inputs at fraction of the cost of a full- time CFO.

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What We Offer?

Offshore Accounting and Taxation Services (OATS) has ensured the seamless and effective handling of the following through our Virtual CFO (vCFO) services.

Profitability Analysis and Cost Reduction

Identify the winners and laggards in your product portfolio by systematic cost analysis and profit planning. It can also lead to strategic cost reduction initiatives.

Business Planning and Reviews

Most startups do not have rigorous business plans. Virtual CFO can help in preparation of business plans and analysis of the business performance against such plans. Periodic reviews can bring out areas of improvement.

MIS and ERP Implementation

Virtual CFO can contribute to discussion on introduction and implementation of ERP systems to drive the business. He can set up meaningful MIS reports to track key performance indicators.

Tax Planning and Compliance

While the virtual CFO is not a tax expert, he will be able to identify areas where opinions of tax experts need to be obtained and company’s tax compliance needs to be strengthened.

Internal Controls

A business in growth stage needs strong internal controls. Virtual CFO can set up proper internal controls for prevention of revenue leakage and loss prevention.

Fund Raising and Cash Flow Management

Virtual CFO can interact with venture capital funds, private equity or with bankers for raising equity or debt funds for the company. He can put in place systems to track the cash flows in real time to optimise the funds management and reduce the cost of finance.


Our virtual CFO services help you drive business efficiency at affordable cost. You don’t have to manage an employee, but your business can still receive the support an experienced CFO.

Start-ups are growing organisations with tight budgets and there is no better way to manage your finances than hiring virtual CFOs, who act as supporting players as if they are part of your organisation. It helps you streamline your processes right from beginning.    

This depends on your business requirements. Generally a virtual CFO engagement lasts from 6 months to 2 years.

Similar to accounting services, we will assign you an expert. This expert will be equipped to help you manage CFO responsibilities without hassle. You can coordinate with the person and create a personalized schedule for on site visits and other engagements.