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Unlock the power of your financial data with MIS reporting services

Timely financial MIS reports help you know the pulse of your business. You can take corrective and preventive actions to achieve your business goals. Here’s where OATS comes in. We prepare reports that help you in evaluating the business results, track budget v/s actual achievements and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) objectively.

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What We offer

At OATS, we use a robust financial reporting and MIS system. We have a specialized team of experts who are focused on making sure that you fulfill your financial reporting requirements with the following services:

Financial Statements

From Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, Bank Reconciliation Report to Journal Entry & General Ledger Reports all are prepared as per the country specific GAAP, Ind AS/ IFRS or US GAAP for the stand-alone entities or consolidated groups as required.

Consolidated Statements

OATS prepares the consolidated statements for the group consisting of subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures as well as plants/ divisions/ locations within those entities. We take care of computation of non-controlling interests, inter-company elimination and consolidation adjustments as per relevant GAAP requirements.

Financial Report

A well-prepared financial report for planning and decision-making. Periodic (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual) reports, division or profit centre-based reporting, product or project-based reporting, revenue and contribution analysis, SaaS metrics and other reporting and analysis as needed.

Financial planning

Assistance in financial planning and analysis. Prepare revised budgets and what-if scenarios to help you make better decisions on resource allocation.

Key Differentiators

At OATS, MIS reports are delivered by a team of skilled and trained experts capable of providing efficient financial reporting services. We provide the professional financial statements listed below:

Income Statement by Month

Along with fiscal year or a quarterly income statement, monthly income statements are prepared to provide complete information for the previous twelve months. Every month, these statements are displayed.

Comparable Report for Forecast

The reports from financial reporting and MIS services aids in comparing the most recent month's balance sheet to the previous month's balance sheet. This report primarily depicts changes in equity, assets, and liabilities.

Accurate & Timely report

OATS MIS reporting process puts a lot of stress on all statutory compliance requirements and gets it done correctly and within a timeline. We also rectify errors identified in the books of accounts and make it audit ready.

Metrics Based Business Analysis Report

The business analysis report includes data from the balance sheet, cash flow & income statement. This data is instrumental in calculating performance metrics. This report can also be used to analyze the organization's financial performance.

Benefits of Financial Reporting and MIS Services


Financial reporting consists of the following elements:

  • Statement of Financial Position (Balance sheet)
  • Statement of Profit and loss
  • Statement of Comprehensive income
  • Statement of Changes in Equity
  • Explanatory notes and schedules
  • Bank reconciliation statement
  • Receivables and Payables age analysis    

Business owners, CEOs, CFOs, and other management use financial data to plan and change strategies. Investors, analysts, lenders, and government agencies use the three major financial statements to assess a firm’s financial health.

The financial statements can only be created by those who have the appropriate expertise and experience. Balance sheet shows the financial position of the company- its assets, liabilities and the net worth. Statement of profit and loss describes the revenue, expenses including the tax expenses and the profit or loss. Statement of cash flows shows how the business is generating and utilising the cash. Other supporting reports such as bank reconciliation, explanatory notes help in better understanding of the numbers and internal controls.