Using OATS employee self-service (ESS) portal

As a part of our payroll outsourcing services, we provide the ESS portal. See these videos below which describe various modules of the ESS portal- onboarding, leave management, expense reports, raising tickets and viewing various reports.

Introduction to OATS Employee Self Service Portal (ESS)

OATS Employee Self Service module provides help to employees to access the portal easily and to know its features quickly.

Using Flexi Basket Module (Flexi Pay)

Flexi pay is basically that part of the salary that employees receive against specific expenses. Employees get a chance to plan their Flexi pay amount, based on expected costs. In this video of Flexi Basket Module, you will learn on how to set your salary break-up as per the pre-defined norms set by the Payroll team so you can take most advantage of tax exemption.

Using Leave Management System (LMS)

OATS Leave Management module provides complete freedom and makes leave management extremely easy and simple. In this video of Leave Management System, you will learn how to apply for leaves, view leave requests and check the corresponding leave status like pending, approved, declined or cancelled leaves right on the home screen.

My Expense Claims

My Expense Claims module is helpful for managing and tracking all your business expenses.  In this training video of 'My Expense Claims', you will learn to enter and manage your expense claims, track the status like Waiting for Approval, Waiting for final verification, Approved  and if Correction Requested in case of claim is declined.

Viewing Various Reports

OATS ESS Portal allows you to check various reports. In this training video, you will learn how to view and download important reports like your Pay slip, Income Tax report, Form 16, and Annual Salary Statement.

VPF Request and My Queries

In this training video, you will learn how to contribute more voluntarily PF  or stop current voluntary PF contribution using VPF Module and raise and track your queries using the My Queries module.

Manage My Claims

In this training video, you will learn how to manage your claims like Medical Reimbursement, Car Allowance, Leave Travel Allowance, etc using the Manage My Claims module.

Investment Declaration

OATS ESS Portal allows you to declare your annual investments for tax purposes. In this training video, we will show you how to update the declaration of your annual investment for tax calculations.

Actual Investment Declaration

The actual investment declaration is a time bound declaration. In this training video, we will show you how to update the actual Investment Declaration and upload supporting Investments under the respective sections.