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Mitigate Business Risks with OATS Tax Compliance Services

OATS tax compliance specialists have a wide range of experience in tax administration and process optimization . From processing to tax filing, OATS tax compliance services take care of your time-consuming and stressful tax preparations so you can concentrate on your core business.

We take care of direct and indirect tax compliance as well as compliance with other regulatory requirements related to employment taxes and Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) compliance.

Tax compliance is a crucial section of the business, where you need to adhere to the specific rules, and regulations. One mistake can lead you towards a series of penalties and fines. To help you eliminate these challenges and manage budgets in your tax compliance process, OATS helps you leverage technology, automation, and subject matter expertise.

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What We Offer

Offshore Accounting and Taxation Services (OATS) has ensured seamless and effective handling of the following with our Tax compliance outsourcing solutions:

Direct tax compliance- TDS, advance tax, corporate tax returns

Indirect tax compliance- GST monthly and quarterly returns, GST refunds, GST annual returns

Support to tax audits and scrutiny assessments. Compilation of data and providing inputs to your tax advisor.

Transfer pricing compliance in case of transactions between associated enterprises.

GST Services

GST registration, classification of products and services, monthly/ quarterly/ annual GST returns, availing proper input tax credit, GST refunds, filing of legal undertaking (LUT) for export without payment of IGST.

Tax Deduction at Source

Are you confused about how to deduct correct tax at source (TDS) and file TDS returns? Our team can assist you in correctly deducting the tax and submitting TDS returns.

Tax Collected at Source

TCS is a category of tax that you collect for selling certain goods. These taxes should be appropriately collected from the buyer at the point of sale and submitted to the tax department. We help you collect and pay these taxes.

Advance Tax

Our team is able to help you compute, manage, and pay advance taxes of the business easily. These taxes help you reduce the load at the end of the year and eliminate interest liability. OATS helps you pay advance tax correctly as per the prescribed installments.

Corporate Tax

From understanding disclosure standards and income tax computation to filing corporate tax returns, we help you move towards compliance. Since this tax compliance can be quite challenging, our experts help you minimize errors.

Labour Laws

In the Labour laws of India, there are various rules and regulations that all businesses need to follow. With our industry experience, we are able to correctly bifurcate, categorize, and pay employment related taxes on time without any hassle.


When you are involved in cross border transactions, the compliance with Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) becomes essential. Our team helps you follow FEMA guidelines to avoid penalties and fines for errors made in transactions.

Key Differentiators

Industry Expertise

With our expertise and skills, we are able to serve customers according to their industry-specific tax compliance. So, whether you are an IT firm or a healthcare business, we can assist you to streamline your taxes.

Comprehensive Support

Our tax compliance outsourcing services offer you comprehensive support. We help you with the end-to-end integration of different forms of tax compliances, accounting systems, and taxation tracking tools for optimum results.

Experienced Professionals

These people understand different markets and industry landscapes, which helps receive accurate, data-driven
results, a pathway to growth.

Tracking, escalations and audit

We use eCompTrack, an enterprise-wide tool for tracking various compliances. This tool has built-in alerts and escalation mechanisms to prevent defaults. Our internal auditor reviews the compliance against the due dates and proofs (tax receipts) attached.

Benefits of Tax Compliance Services

Tax Compliance FAQs

At OATS, tax compliance outsourcing solutions work in a hassle-free manner.

  • We study your business and identify the compliance checklist.
  • We populate the eCompTrack masters for automated alerts, reminders and escalations.
  • Our maker & checker methodology helps in timely and accurate tax compliance.
Tax compliance services delivered by OATS are prepared with streamlined process-flows, including support from subject matter experts. This means our services are accurate and affordable for your business.
Whenever you are facing any issue or you have a query regarding the tax compliance process, you can connect with our team for clarification. We are always ready to help you!
Tax compliance outsourcing services help you manage compliance and avoid penalties. The tax landscape is dynamic, which means there are changes too often. Tax compliance outsourcing services keep abreast with these changes, which benefits your business.