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About OATS

For over 15 years, Offshore Accounting & Taxation Services Pvt. Ltd. (OATS) has been dedicated to offering world-class finance and accounting outsourcing solutions. As a high-quality bookkeeping and accounting outsourcing company, OATS supports its customers in enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

Our collaboration helps your company become more agile and compliant with regulations . We deliver unique value to our customers by investing in modern technological solutions and having a skilled workforce. We have built a strong network of Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries and Corporate Lawyers to provide seamless services to customers.

Our Services

OATS provides all the finance and accounting services needed to run your business.

We give complete visibility in invoice processing, vendor management & related GST and TDS compliance.
OATS automates payroll process and provides beautiful employee self service (ESS) portal, helps in enhancing your employee satisfaction.
We help in timely compliance with income tax, TDS, payroll taxes and Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Help you in setting up your business in India. Incorporation of your company or LLP. Obtaining the necessary registrations.
OATS professionals enhance your financial decision making, strengthen your financial controls and help you in scaling up your business.
We deliver reports that help you in evaluating the company’s financial performance and areas of improvement.
We aim to assist businesses by providing long term as well as temporary staffing solutions.

OATS helps

Bridge the gap between complex financial reporting requirements & the professionals who handle them.



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With Robust Processes


Data access controls

Maintaining confidentiality with virtual machine server set up and access rights management.

Maker and checker methodology

Our delivery teams consist of makers and checkers with well defined roles and responsibilities. This helps in improving quality of deliverables and prevents errors.

Internal audit

In-house internal audit team headed by a CA whose focus is to ensure high quality deliverables and cross-pollination of process improvement ideas across various delivery teams.

Training and skills enhancement.

Providing regular training to our people for better process performance.

Experience of using Different Accounting Systems

To provide offshore accounting & taxation services, our team is trained in using various accounting
systems as per customers’ requirements. Some of the software we use are:

Let’s collaborate with domain experts!

Need help in strengthening your company’s finance & accounting activities?


Accounting and finance are vital functions in every firm. Outsourcing them  saves time and money. The time you spend managing your accounts and finances may be better spent generating winning company ideas or cultivating long-term connections with existing clients.

When you collaborate with the proper service provider, you may reap considerable rewards. Working with OATS gives your company unrestricted access to professional assistance.

Our teams of professionals stay on top of changing income tax, GST and other legislations by studying professional journals and subscription to online resources.    

We also conduct training programs regularly for all our employees.

Finance & accounts outsourcing gives you an impartial picture of your current procedures. Sometimes, your in-house teams yearn for fresh perspectives, and that is where outsourcing comes in. Outsourcing also provides access to a competent talent pool. Offshore Accounting & Taxation Services can assist in optimising your processes after evaluating your current ones. That will lead to a trustworthy outsourced model adapted to your company’s needs.

We support most major accounting and payroll applications. Our technical knowledge and staff training facilities allow us to quickly adapt and implement new software. Some of the accounting software we utilise are SAP, Netsuite, MS Dynamics NAV (Navision), Quickbooks, Tally, Zoho Books etc. We are flexible and can also handle our customers’ existing accounting software.

As Offshore Accounting & Taxation Services provider, we ensure our finance & accounts outsourcing solution deliver accurate, on-time reports and service to clients. We give attention to the security of our clients’ information by ensuring data access controls firewalls, and virtual machine servers set up for access rights management.